SGScript Metaprogramming helper library

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The goal of this library is to provide further tools for handling the compilation part of SGScript. Specifically, this library implements bytecode parsing.

The library is compiled to a 'sgsmeta' shared library so it can be included this way (assuming that, on Linux and similar systems, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set correctly):

include "sgsmeta";

SGScript API



meta_globals [function]


load all global constants

meta_unpack [function]

meta_unpack( string bytecode_buffer )

parse a bytecode buffer

The structure of a function:

The structure of a constant:

The structure of an instruction:

meta_opname [function]

meta_opname( int id )

retrieve bytecode instruction name by ID

meta_opname( 0 ); // returns "nop"

SI_ [constants]

SGScript instruction code/type/ID constants.

These constants are only available if meta_globals is called first.