Built-in accessors

There are several built-in accessors for the variable types that are available.

namevariable typeaccessor typedescription
lengthstringpropertyreturns the length of the string, in bytes
char. atstringindexreturns the character from the specified position
applySGS/C functionpropertyfunction that allows to specify "this" & arg. array
was_abortedthreadpropertyreturns if thread was aborted
not_startedthreadpropertyreturns if coroutine was not started yet
runningthreadpropertyreturns if thread is currently running
can_resumethreadpropertyreturns if thread is not finished (can be resumed)
end_onthreadpropertyfunction that can specify an event to end the thread
resumethreadpropertyfunction that can resume the thread (see co_resume)
abortthreadpropertyfunction that can abort the thread (see abort)