SGScript - description

This is a programming language that is made to be fast, accessible and simple.

foreach( at, item : speech )
    distfromlast = speech.size - at - 1;
    a = 0.9 * pow( 0.7, distfromlast );
    ctrl.DCol( 0.9, a );
    ctrl.DText( item.text,
        x + padding, y + padding + lineheight / 2,
    y += lineheight;

It is similar to many but the exact combination makes it unique in comparison to others. Thus, it might be best to describe it in comparison to others, especially the ones that heavily influenced the development of SGScript.

It adds dynamic typing and built-in serialization to C. Unlike Lua, it has C-like syntax and proper 0-based indexing and advanced object model, and much more versatile error handling. It has the consistency you'd want after working with PHP, and is considerably more lightweight. It untangles some of the mess JavaScript has introduced, and gives coroutines for a considerable boost in power of expression. And, unlike Python, SGScript won't care as much about formatting.

You can find more about the differences at the "Why SGScript?" page.

The language supports:

The standard library includes: